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Annual safety training and ASB Georgia’s 6th birthday

For ASB Georgia’s 6th birthday, which is celebrated on December 17th, annual safety training and a special celebration dinner was planned for its team members. This year’s training aimed to improve everyone’s driving skills on snow surface, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge or common safety procedures.

ASB Georgia`s team members, divided into four groups, drove from Tbilisi to Tianeti and to achieve their final destination, they chose the road covered in snow. 

Before starting their journey, members of each group checked their cars and ensured that they had all pieces of necessary equipment and that everything was working well. Next stage of training involved equipping wheels with special snow chains, which guaranteed drivers, as well as passengers’ safety while driving on frozen and snowy surface. During this educational tour each team member had the opportunity to test their driving skills and receive feedback, needful for driving in winter.

„It was my first time driving in such condition. I have never put winter chains on my car either. Thanks to ASB and today’s safety training, I had a wonderful opportunity to safely test my skills” - says ASB Georgia`s financial assistant Mariam Kharaishvili.

On their way to Tianeti, theoretical knowledge of towing the cars were tested in real life, when they had to tow someone’s car fallen in the snow, at the edge of the road. Because of not having appropriate equipment, the driver and passengers were not able to pull the car back out to the road. ASB team proved once more, that ASB helps here and now.

At the end of the eventful day and birthday dinner, team members were put in another real life situation: they had to start a car using jumpers. Tatia Johnson volunteered and with the guidance from her colleagues, managed to do it successfully.

“I volunteered, because I thought I knew how to do it, but as soon as I took the jumper cable, I was unsure what to do next: if I needed to connect the black end, or the red one, or from which car to start. Thanks to my colleagues, I managed to do it safely.” – says Tatia.

This year’s safety training proved once more, how important it is to make sure that every car has all necessary equipment in it and that it is crucial to test the skills in practice, in the field.