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Germany - Georgia 25 Years of Partnership

On 17th of June Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Georgia (ASB Georgia) joined the 25`s anniversary celebration of German-Georgian partnership. On the territory of Agmashenebeli Avenue ASB hosted the guests, interested in its work and suggested different kinds of entertaining activities. 

The special guests invited by ASB included young people with hearing impairment from public school #203. They volunteer as Georgian sign language teachers. ASB was represented with its Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programme, which includes inclusive element and therefore tries to increase society`s awareness on the needs of people with disability. Involvement of young people with hearing impairment in this event served as assistance provided to them in terms of integration into society. On the other hand, their participation in the event ensured, that other members of the society started to understand their contribution in this process. The Guests at ASB`s display stand learned how to say DiDRR campaign`s main message “We are ready” using the sign language and showed their preparedness, as well as newly acquired knowledge in front of the Gif camera.

During the celebration The Samaritan Association of Georgia (SSK) representatives used the stage and showed spectators how to save unconscious person`s life before emergency comes. The show was translated by sign language translator simultaneously.

At the end of the day ASB gained lots of new friends and followers.