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How to stop bleeding?

Have you ever been in a situation where a person needed a First Aid but you got confused or did not know what to do? Remember, being able to provide the First Aid may turn out to be the vital knowledge. ASB is starting the articles on how to provide First Aid and how to reduce the risk for a disaster. First post is about bleeding.


Bleeding is the act, fact, or process of losing blood or having blood flow. It can be caused by a trauma or start without a visible reason. Below you can find advices useful during  different types of bleeding.


1. How to stop a nosebleed?

- Sit up and lean forward;
- Pinch your nostrils for 10 minutes;
- Put a cold compress on your head;
- If bleeding continues, call the emergency services (122).

2. How to stop minor bleeding?

- Clean the wound under running tap water;
- Clean the wound with the hydrogen peroxide;
- Finally, wrap it with a sterile bandage.


3. How to stop venous bleeding?

- Clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide;
- Wrap it with a tight bandage;
- Hold the wound as high as possible

4. How to stop severe bleeding?

- Put a sterile bandage on a wounded area and press on it with your palm;
- Call the emergency services (112) immediately.

5. How to stop arterial bleeding?

- Tightly wrap the wound with a sterile bandage;
- Press hard on the artery;
- Bend the wounded leg or arm;
- Call the emergency services (112) immediately.

! If bleeding does not stop, use compression bandage;

- Mark the time when you put the compression bandage;
- The recommended time for using the compression bandage is 1 hour in the summer and 30 minutes in the winter. 






If you want to find out more, register for the First Aid course offered by the Samaritian Association of Georgia

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