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10 Years in Georgia

“We Help Here and Now” – this is the slogan of Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) the history of which goes back to 19th century. Through its activities in more than 200 branches all over Germany and 10 more countries around the world, ASB successfully puts its main motto into action: it delivers the most needed services to socially high-at-risk people regardless their political, ethnic, national or religious affiliation.

In 1992 when Georgia was suffering from an inter-ethnic and transnational conflicts ASB first introduced itself to the local society by providing humanitarian assistance. Convoys from Germany arrived bringing much-needed goods, including food to help the country to get over this traumatic period. In 1997, as Georgia entered a phase of recovery, ASB ended its programme, but personal contacts, together with the positive image of the organisation among locals, were maintained.

In this harsh time, we helped 34 000 persons, with the humanitarian aid worth 7 552 859 Euros.

Due to the numbers of armed conflicts that took place in Georgia in last decades, hundreds of thousand people were left homeless. Their poor economic situation required immediate intervention. That’s why upon our return to Georgia in 2010 the main object of intervention were internally displaced persons, which ASB supported by promoting social entrepreneurship as an instrument of employment/self-employment.

During 10 years, we implemented 14 projects, established or strengthened 60 social enterprises employed 402 persons and delivered services for 2685 beneficiaries. Totally, for supporting social entrepreneurship we spent 2 972 897 Euros.      


DiDRR program of ASB Georgia ensures that Georgian society including children and persons with disability are ready to protect themselves and others in case of various natural disasters. Public awareness raising campaign #WeAreReady covered different disaster related topics using modern communication tools such are mobile games, video stories, Gif banners etc. Additionally, a number of evacuation drills were carried out in educational establishments like kindergartens, day care centers and state universities with the participation of relevant governmental agencies for practicing what to do in the event of natural disasters.

During past 10 years we trained 24514 persons, with ongoing media campaign we reached 744 801 persons and spent 1 186 920 Euros.

Today we celebrate 10 years anniversary of working in Georgia. We, now implement 4 projects funded by Governments of USA, Canada and European Union. We work actively to create better environment for persons with disability, we support civil society and raising awareness in gender based violence.