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#Futureisonyou - Association "Ili"

Meet Salome Gardava from Zugdidi, the founder of the association "Ili". Since 2019, the organization has been taking care of establishing and providing the necessary services for children with hearing impairments. At the same time, as a result of an active advocacy campaign with the local self-government, Zugdidi Municipality allocated 30,000 GEL from the budget to finance external auditory processors for cochlear implants. This funding is needed for children whose operation is 5 years or more and the processor warranty period has expired, at which time the children are still deaf. "At our initiative, Zugdidi City Hall has allocated 30,000 GEL in the 2020 budget, which will finance 2 external processors. This will not be a full amount, but the main thing is that the first step has been taken and we are very proud of this achievement, which will benefit periodically different

children," said Salome. Learn more about Salome's success story in the video