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Covid_19 response program _ Gori

view more Global pandemic caused a large-scale damage to all countries and communities, including Georgia. This was especially difficult for vulnerable groups. To respond to crisis, ASB Georgia announced the grant competition in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 75 000 GEL was given to 15 projects of local NGOs to support the basic needs of people who are affected by corona virus, including the elderly, persons with disability, any other vulnerable groups. As a result, vulnerable population received food, medicine and vital services. 

#Futureisonyou, Networking Meeting in Telavi

view more ASB Georgia launched new social campaign #Futureisonyou. The main aim of the campaign is to srenghten the civil society and promote civil participation in regions of Georgia. In frames of the social campaign, firts networking meeting carried out in Telavi, in July 10, 2020. The aim of the meeting was to promote the cooperation and invovement in decesion making process, between civil society, local government and stakeholders in regions of Georgia. 

EU Ambassador visits Telavi

view more The Ambassador of the European Union for Georgia, Carl Hartzel was visiting the house of hearing and speech in Telavi. The organization "Movusminot Samkaros" is funded by ASB Georgia and the European Union under the project "Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disability". During his visit, the Ambassador has browsed the renovated center, met with the beneficiaries, and received the information about the center.Movusminot Samkaros is a local NGO based in Telavi, that works for children with hearing impairments. 

Covid_19 response

view more Since starting the global pandemic, ASB is actively involved in fighting against the COVID-19 at global, national, and local levels. ASB Georgia has already supported the government of Georgia with the infra-red thermometers and medical tents necessary for carrying out emergency activities during the pandemic and not only. 

#Futureisonyou - Nino Paatashvili

view more Meet Nino Paatashvili from Telavi. Nino runs the Georgian Public Interest Association, whose main goal is to increase access to medical and rehabilitation services in the region. Nino and her organization are actively involved with the local self-government and the City Hall in the decision-making process. The organization has managed to create such important services in the region as the "Early Childhood Development Program" based on successful cooperation with the local authorities.

Field tents for Emergency Management Service

view more ASB Georgia has delivered two items of field tents to the Emergency Service Management of Georgia. The tents will be used throughout Georgia during different fire and rescue operations by the Emergency Management Service. The tents are also suitable for establishing field hospitals. The handover ceremony was attended by the director of ASB Georgia, Dimitrije Todorovic, and representatives of the Emergency Management Service. 

Infra red thermometers for EMS

view more With support from the ASB Deutschland, Sakartvelos Samaritelta Kavshiri (SSK) has purchased the infra-red thermometers for the Government of Georgia. ASB and SSK is actively involved in the Covid-19 prevention process in Georgia. We have handed over 55 remote thermometers to the Emergency Service Agency in this week. The equipment will be used to carry out the thermo screening of people by EMS Georgia.  The ICARE brand thermometers are considered to be the most accurate distance thermometer available. #StoptheSpread   

Dried fruit production in Tsalenjikha

view more Meet Nino, from Tsalenjikha Municipality. She is 47 years old and she has been producing dried fruit for more than 20 years now.“When I first started producing dried fruit it was wartime. I was hosting IDPs from Abkhazia at my home, and suddenly a group of armed men appeared and started to threaten us. It was that time when I offered them whole production of my dried fruit in order to leave us alone” – remembers Nino.

Closing event - Qualification for re-integration a way back into society

view more The project "Qualification for re-integration a Way back into society" has been implementing since 2017 by ASB Georgia and it's partner organizations Charity, Humanitarian Center "Abkhazeti" (CHCA) and Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG), with the financial support of the European Union. The overall aim of the project includes integration of persons in conflict with the law into the society through the establishment of cooperation mechanisms among civil society organizations (CSOs), business

Handover Ceremony

view more In the frames of the project "Qualification for re-integration - a Way back into Society" on November 22, Material Values handover ceremony was held in Kutaisi. The project aims to integrate persons conflict in the law into society by supporting the cooperation between governmental organizations, the non-profit sector, and business companies.